Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stresa Carnival - Coriandoli, Polenta and Re Falcett

Today is the last day of carnival, also known as Martedì Grasso, so I thought I'd show you how Stresa celebrates.

The majorettes warming up
On Sunday we had the main event and the opening of carnival in Stresa. Luca and I wandered along to the Oratorio where the procession was to start and where the band (dressed as 101 dalmatians and the majorettes (dressed as Minnie Mouse) were already warming up. It wasn't long before people started to gather including lots of children in fancy dress clutching bags of coriandoli (confetti). As King Falcett appeared it was time for the procession to begin.

The "101 Dalmatian" Band
The Band's flag-bearers
King Falcett and his court led the way from the Oratorio, through the centre of town, to Piazza Cadorna and the main stage. The King travelled in an open topped car with the Queen and his court rode in a carriage pulled by the most beautiful horse. The band and majorettes followed on with families and carnival-goers bringing up the rear, everyone throwing coriandoli over the onlookers.

King Falcett in the procession
King Falcett's court
We watched the procession leave and then took a short cut through town to catch it in Via Principe Tomaso and arriving in Piazza Cadorna.

King Falcett and his court on stage
Reading the carnival "rules"
With the King and his court all on stage, Robbi, the compere for the afternoon announced the arrival of the Mayor. And so carnival could begin! The keys for the town were handed from the Mayor to the King and the carnival "rules" were read. These generally are a promise by the King and one of the Princes that the town will have fun and children can eat lots of sweets!

The Mayor handing the keys for the town to King Falcett
Fancy dress competitors are ready!
We then watched the children's fancy dress competition with entrants dressed as knights, Lego bricks, gnomes, and an amazing enchanted forest costume! After the voting we retreated to Bar Embassy for a hot chocolate with whipped cream to warm up!!

Costumes: The Enchanted Forest
Costumes: Knights
Costumes: Lego
Which brings us to today and Martedì Grasso. In Stresa it is traditional to eat "pulenta e salamitt" (polenta and sausage) which you can also have with a helping of ragu. At 12.30 I hot-footed it to Piazza Cadorna to pick up some for Luca and I. Once home, and after giving it a quick warm up in the oven, we thoroughly
enjoyed it!!
Pulenta e Salamitt for Martedì Grasso
So ends our carnival for 2013. How and where did you celebrate this year?

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