Friday, December 14, 2012

Stresa Travel: Stresa in the Snow!

It doesn't happen very often, but this morning we awoke to a perfect blanket of snow covering the town. I have to admit that I didn't believe Luca when he said it had snowed a lot during the night. He tends to be a bit like the boy who cried wolf when it comes to snow as he knows I get ever so slightly overexcited about it!

Anyway, after a quick breakfast, we got ourselves sorted and headed out to the office with a walk along the lakefront on the way. So here are some photos of Stresa in the snow:

Stresa Lakefront Promenade
Isola Bella
The Hotel La Palma Lakeside Pool
Hotel Regina Palace
Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées and Grand Hotel Bristol
View of Isola Bella from Stresa Lakefront Gardens
Stresa Lakefront Gardens
One of the magificent trees in Stresa Lakefront Gardens
View under the tree
Stresa Ferry Station and Taxi Boat Jetties
Stresa Town Hall and Christmas Tree
Piazza Cadorna with Snow (and no tables!)
I hope you've enjoyed our snapshot of a very wintery looking Stresa! I think by tomorrow it will all have melted :(

Viaggi Tomassucci

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