Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Afternoon Ferry Ride and Stroll to Suna

I had a half day by myself to spare last Saturday and it was such a gorgeous day that I wanted to get out on the lake on the ferry. At this time of year there isn't anywhere very far you can go so I decided to take the ferry to Pallanza and then have a walk along the front to Suna.

Suna is one of the towns and villages that make up Verbania, our province capital. It's shocking, but in the 9 years I've lived in Stresa and worked at Tomassucci I have never properly set foot in Suna. I've just driven through or hopped in and out of the car when we've been delivering tickets to the hotel there.

Anyway, I jumped on the ferry at Stresa and enjoyed the journey around the Borromean Bay, sailing past Isola Bella, Isola Pescatori, Baveno and Isola Madre before arriving in Pallanza.

Boarding the ferry in Stresa
Calling at Isola Bella ...
... and Isola Pescatori
Not forgetting Baveno!
In Pallanza you can have a wander around but I turned left out of the ferry station and started my stroll along the lakeside to Suna.

I had the top deck of the ferry to myself as we neared Pallanza
Approaching Pallanza
It is an easy and pleasant walk along between Pallanza and Suna and the path is almost at the level of the lake, rather than being a promenade. You'll pass by an elegant and grand orange coloured building which is the Institute for the Study of Ecosystems as well as rowing and fishing boats pulled up onto the shore. 

The lakeside path Pallanza to Suna
The Institute for the Study of Ecosystems
Fishing boats on the shore
If there's a game of tennis at the local tennis club you can sit and watch, or see rowers going out on the lake from the rowing club. If it's warm enough, bring your bathers and relax at either of the two beach areas between Pallanza and Suna or spend some time at the lakeside swimming pool

One of the two beaches - and some October sunbathers!
I continued on into the centre of Suna and decided to stop for a drink at one of the bars. I picked a small bar, just next to the bank, ordered a drink and got engrossed in my book and a spot of people watching. Afterwards I went for a walk around the narrow lanes and back down to the lakeside past the church. I found Suna to be a very pretty place, full of locals enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon in the sun.

Suna lake front
Having a drink at one of the bars
Pretty lake front houses
The church
So after a relaxing hour or so in Suna I ambled back along the lake side path to Pallanza to catch the ferry home to Stresa. I had a really enjoyable afternoon out and if you find yourselves with a half day to spare and you are not sure what to do, I would recommend it.

Sarah, Viaggi Tomassucci

Practical Information
There are no ferries to Suna itself, you will need to catch the ferry to Pallanza and take the lake side path as I did. There are ferries between Stresa and Pallanza all year round, although they are obviously much more frequent between April and October. You can download the latest timetables on our website.

For 2014 the cost of a normal return ticket Stresa to Pallanza (no intermediate stops allowed) is €10 per person. There are discounts Monday to Friday for pver 65's.

The Walk is 1.4km (just under a mile) each way.