Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stresa Foodie and Artisan Market

I always love browsing at a food market - especially when it is small artisan producers. So I couldn't miss a stroll around the special market today in Stresa. Being Pentecoste (Whitsun) there was a fairly bustling crowd with many people having a look around between boat trips to the Borromean Islands.

There were between 30-40 stalls divided between food and crafts. In the food section the perfume from the strawberry stall really caught my attention and then I was drawn to the Ligurian produce stall. I came away with some olive taggiasche (a type of olives from Liguria which have a wonderful flavour) and some super looking anchovies in olive oil. 

Further along there was a throng at the stall selling all kinds of sauces and condiments. He was also offering tastings of Bagna Càuda which, having having a pungent anchovy and garlic flavour is not to everyone's taste but I urge you to try it if you see it on the menu - absolutely fantastic!

After cakes and wine there was a wonderfully aromatic salami stall. Another of my weaknesses but I managed to resist despite the sign suggesting bread, salami and a good glass of wine.....

And so from food to crafts. I had a quick browse at the antiques stall but my favourites in this section where selling artisan stained glass and leather. I did make a purchase at the leather stall but not wanting to ruin a birthday present I'll keep that one under my hat ;)

So next time you see a foodie and crafts market advertised on our website, Twitter or Facebook come along and taste something new!

Sarah, Viaggi Tomassucci

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